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SurgeMail Mail Server 60a2

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SurgeMail Mail Server Software Suite - combines advanced features, high performance and ease of use. Ideal on Windows, UNIX ( Linux, Solaris etc.), Mac OSX, FreeBSD and others, this integrated email server is an Antispam Server, Antivirus Server, Webmail Server, Groupware Server, Blog Server and much more.

This all combines to make SurgeMail Mail Server, the fastest, most robust, stable and secure, full featured and high performance mailserver on the market today.
Our customers rate - Ease of use, the webmail interface, price and speed as the most important reasons for choosing and using SurgeMail mailserver

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SurgeMail Mail Server


SurgeMail Mail Server 60a2

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  • veronica123

    by veronica123

    " Rid of those pesky bugs you pick when surfing the net."

    One of the first things that I learned when I got my new computer was that if you own a PC then you better have a goo...   More.